SD Snapchat


Super Deluxe Snapchat Discover

During my time there, I was on a team of three that helped start Super Deluxe’s Snapchat Discover Channel. My responsibilities included editing previous SD content to fit the vertical/mobile medium, producing new, original content for the channel, and utilizing Snap’s CMS to plan, organize, and publish stories. In our first month we earned 350,000 subscribers, and garnered over 75,000,000 views. If you have Snapchat I encourage you to scan the QR code to the left from the app, and view our content on your phone. Otherwise, I’ve gathered a few examples of things I made for Snapchat below.


At Super Deluxe I wrote and edited the most hard-hitting, topical lists the internet never knew it needed. Here are two perfect examples. Need to know how to get ahead in life at the cost of your morals? No problem. Want your child to be the most popular and maybe controversial baby at the Halloween party? I got you. No need to thank me. I’m just doing my job.


It’s no secret that vertical video is super hot right now, and it’s likely here to stay unless Sidekick phones come back (shoutout T-Mobile Sidekick). Part of my job at Super Deluxe was to take existing content intended for widescreen viewing and edit and resize it to fit the vertical medium. This included cutting it down in time (because we don’t have the attention spans to watch long videos on our phones), creating new motion graphics, new titles, and finding creative solutions to resizing video to 1080 x 1920.


Memes might be the single greatest artistic invention of our time. They’re bite-sized pieces of satire, humorously critiquing society with no regard for the traditional rules of art. In a thousand years, I hope this generation is remembered for our memes, and not killing all the turtles with plastic straws.